Pressure turning to joy

November 8, 2006

Pressure is an interested thing. There is something really special about Aikido tests. It’s the moment in which we get an insight to what our bodies have digested, what we have not just understood but what we have really learnt. It can also show us what we have to learn. Something that I was reminded of whilst I watched Leoni’s test is how exciting doing a test is. The atmosphere in the dojo on Monday was great, really electric. Was Leoni being tested or wasn’t she? Nobody (including Sonja and myself) really knew. After the Ikkyo’s it became clear that she was indeed being tested! Great our first student in Plattenhardt was being tested. These moments are ones that are hard to forget, these are special moments and the people who are in the dojo and share them are brought together.
I think after my shodan test my first test was the most important to me. I can still remember vividly how my heart started racing as I was called out into the middle to show what I could do . As soon as my teacher began to call out the attacks my mind went blank – oh god! It was clear my brain had temporarily gone on holiday so it was up to my body. When it was all over I remember feeling first confused then embarrassed and then came an overwhelming feeling of joy! (which manifested into a smile which I must have worn for at least a week) I had passed I was grade, I had a colour, I was officially part of the Aikido „club“ (by which I mean all the crazy aikido freaks who are happy when the night bus is late so they can practice tai sabaki whilst no one is watching) and I felt really proud.
Leoni – I hope you wear your smile proudly and for a long time to come you should you did a really good test. Welcome to the „Club“ and I’m looking foward to your future tests 😉



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